LAGO 3rd Plenary Meeting in Thessaloniki

LAGO 3rd plenary meeting in Thessaloniki

The Centre for Research and Technology in Greece (CERTH), one of the leading research centres in Greece, organized the LAGO 3rd Plenary Meeting in Thessaloniki on June 22, 2023.

Marking almost eight months since the project began, it was an opportunity to take stock of the outcomes achieved to date and plan the next stages of design and development of LAGO’s trusted research data ecosystem. 

During the event, participants had the chance to engage in discussions about project advancements and delve deeper into the LAGO infrastructure, exploring its impact and potential solutions.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to foster dialogue concerning the progress of the project and activities related to its main objectives. Representatives from all consortium members were brought together to discuss achievements to date, challenges, plans, risks, and the alignment of various tools and technologies utilised in the LAGO project.

Furthermore, this event facilitated networking opportunities, allowing participants to plan future meetings and actions.