Highlights from the LAGO Project's Online Training Sessions

Highlights from the LAGO Project's Online Training Sessions

The LAGO project recently conducted its inaugural public training sessions titled "The Foundations of the Data Ecosystem for Secure Data Sharing" on 27–28 May 2024. Hosted online by IANUS Technologies, these sessions were designed to enhance participants' understanding of the LAGO data ecosystem, ensuring alignment with fundamental rights, data governance, and ethical standards. The training aimed to equip stakeholders such as researchers, dataset providers, and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) with a thorough comprehension of the theoretical and practical aspects of secure data sharing within the LAGO framework. By focusing on the practical application of the principles and tools developed by the LAGO project, we aimed to foster a reliable infrastructure for efficient and safe data exchange.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Project Goals and Objectives: Participants gained clarity on the LAGO project's aims and the guiding principles of its data ecosystem.
  • Legal, Ethical, and GDPR Concerns: Emphasis was placed on the legal and ethical aspects of data sharing across borders, including GDPR compliance.
  • Decentralised Trust Framework and Access Policies: Insights were provided on establishing a decentralised trust framework and access policies within the data ecosystem.
  • Practical Applications of LAGO Tools: Interactive sessions showcased the practical applications of various LAGO tools, enhancing participants' technical skills.
  • Live Demonstration of the Training Platform: A live demo highlighted the platform's functionalities, including course enrolment, evaluation forms, and messaging course tutors, ensuring participants could navigate the platform effectively.

Next Steps

Our first training session successfully established a foundational understanding of the LAGO project and its tools, addressing the existing barriers to data sharing and providing a secure infrastructure for researchers, LEAs, and security practitioners. Through active engagement and discussions, participants gained comprehensive insights into the LAGO approach and technologies.

The LAGO project is supported by the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 101073951.

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